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Featured services that we provide

Web Development

Websites, Landing pages, Dashboards - all UX-oriented, SEO-optimized and using the latest technologies

Mobile Development

Hybrid mobile apps that will work on both iOS and Android, saving you time and money in development

API Development

Robust, flexible and secure APIs ready to be connected to your applications or third-party services

Search Optimization

Revamp your existing code to follow the best practices in SEO and achieve A-level SEO scores

UI/UX Design

Mobile and Web prototypes to get your ideas on paper in a UX-first development approach

Cyber Security

Do a "penetration test" to check the security of your website or revamp your code to follow the latest security practices on the market


Custom scripts developed based on your individual needs to automate tasks that would be othersie time-consuming and employee-heavy


Have minor or punctual tasks done on demand by developers with the appropriate expertise (and rate) for them. Tasks can be divided in low, mid and senior levels


Listen to experts to help you plan your products, features or even hardware structure and make sure you don't follow a costly wrong path

We build effective products

Our expertise and methodology ensures your product meets all expectations in the most efficient way.

UX-driven approach

3 months to market

$25k cost limit

Business and development expertise


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How to build an app from concept to reality

Our hybrid apps - that work on both Android and iOs devices - are built from scratch giving you total freedom over the functionality and layout.

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Build a customized e-commerce platform.

Own your source code and have total creative freedom by opting for a customized ecommerce platform. We will give build you a customized store, admin panel and api.

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Build an internal system to optimize your company's processes

Automate processes, improve data management and gain new insights by developing a management system customized for your company's needs.

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